Monday, February 11, 2008

Response to the Center of Disease Control's newest intimate partner violence survey

The following is in response to a RADAR Alert:

Dr. Gerberding,

"One in four women and one of seven men experience physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime," according the report your office just released, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS). Further, it says intimate partner violence involve 11.5% male victims and 23.6% female victims.

It is my understanding that those findings were calculated based on information provided by various states to CDC’s standard BRFSS core questionnaire. Otherwise, the only way to arrive at those conclusions is to selectively manipulate the ever elastic definition of intimate partner violence (IVP); regardless, including "attempts" or "threats" of violence, and "any unwanted sex" adversely biases the findings. For a more balanced picture should not then other forms of IVP be included that clearly satisfy the CDC definition of IVP, which is:

Intimate partner violence is abuse that occurs between two people in a close relationship. The term “intimate partner” includes current and former spouses and dating partners. IPV exists along a continuum from a single episode of violence to ongoing battering. IPV includes four types of behavior:

Physical abuse is when a person hurts or tries to hurt a partner by hitting, kicking, burning, or other physical force.

Sexual abuse is forcing a partner to take part in a sex act when the partner does not consent.

Threats of physical or sexual abuse include the use of words, gestures, weapons, or other means to communicate the intent to cause harm.

Emotional abuse is threatening a partner or his or her possessions or loved ones, or harming a partner’s sense of self-worth. Examples are stalking, name-calling, intimidation, or not letting a partner see friends and family.

Often, IPV starts with emotional abuse. This behavior can progress to physical or sexual assault. Several types of IPV may occur together.”


1. Men are less likely to report domestic violence which skews crime data creating false conclusions.

2. A plethora of social research consistently shows women initiate domestic violence at least as often as men and men suffer no less than one-third of the resulting serious injuries (see Cal State University Professor Martin Fiebert’s bibliography at

3. John Hamel, another of the world’s leading domestic violence researchers last year clearly showed that (a.) Most IPV is mutual. Women initiate somewhat more often than men (b) Self-defense is an equally unlikely motive for both genders. Male and female perpetrators are motivated to abuse their partners for various reasons, including a desire to retaliate or to communicate feelings, and there is no convincing evidence that men are significantly more motivated to control and (c) Although women are far more often the victims of sexual coercion, they are just as likely as men to be the perpetrators of most psychological abuse and controlling behaviors, and this includes stalking when broadly defined.

4. As recently as December of last year Harvard Health Publications published a study showing that though men are often blamed for domestic or intimate partner violence, women can be equally responsible. The Harvard Medical School study shows half of heterosexual domestic violence is reciprocal and women initiate most of the reciprocal violence and commit 71 percent of the nonreciprocal violence.

5. Moreover, females commit the majority of child abuse, elder abuse, almost all child murders (not counting abortions), and most bullying in schools – all forms of interpersonal violence.

6. To kill their partners women often hire killers, seduce people to murder, and use poison, the latter often hard to trace while creating the appearance of natural death. These killers seldom show up in domestic violence or murder statistics. Incidentally, the average prison sentence for male murderers is 17 years versus seven for women.

7. Paternity fraud, parental alienation, false accusations, child abuse, and elder abuse satisfy legal definitions of domestic violence, not to mention genital mutilation, including circumcision. Women commit all paternity fraud annually, victimizing millions of people, men and their families of choice. Women commit the overwhelming majority of parental alienation and false accusations. False accusations gain advantage in divorce, child custody and child support disputes. Coupled with false accusations, parental alienation is pure spite. Estimated rates of false accusations run 40 percent to 90 percent, depending upon the type. Recall the Duke Lacrosse Team scandal. One falsely accusing women not held accountable caused the destruction of an unknown number of men and those they love. Last, female caregivers commit the overwhelming majority of elder abuse. All forms of IVP, all of them.

8. Most male domestic-violence-related deaths are suicides. Men kill themselves four times more frequently than women, and 10 to 12 times more frequently when relationships end, because men have nowhere to turn. The military channel show "Around The Services", February 2, 2008 edition had a segment about suicides in the military, which revealed that "Failed intimate relationships are responsible for 2/3 of suicides of service people." In fact, California, like other states, excludes heterosexual men from legally being "victims" for the purposes of receiving funding for related IVP support services, another abuse of males, young and older. How many of those suicides are caused by women perpetrators of IVP?

Intimate partner violence contributes to a long list of economic, cultural, health, personal, political, social, and even environmental ills. Bouncing IVP research from one definition and set of variables to another definition and set of variables is corrupt. The domestic violence industry and related researchers must agree on such definitions rather than continually revise them to satisfy insidious agendas. If the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result, then what is ignoring reality over and over expecting half a solution to satisfy a whole problem?

Until organizations generally thought reputable abandon political correctness in favor of reality there can be no viable solution. If political correctness and gender politics had no hand in influencing the deficient IVP definition then what did? Either way, such results give abusers more permission to abuse by encouraging the further entrenchment of highly questionable beliefs.

Please consider revising the BRFSS core questions to solicit from the various states information that will contribute to a more complete picture of IVP. By doing so the states will necessarily have to revise the way they collect related data. To do otherwise is to ignore the true breadth and seriousness of IVP as a national health problem, epidemic or not.

Given the above, there can be no question that men are substantially more seriously and often abused by women than women are by men, at least in westernized cultures. One victim, for sure, is too many; no matter gender or gender politics, the later of which has no business in the safety of our families and relationships.

Please don’t allow the CDC to contribute to the problem by promoting misleading information. The CDC enjoys an admirable reputation. Use your leadership to ensure it stays that way so we as the general public can faithfully rely on your assistance rather than suspect questionable leanings, policies, and practices.


Harry Crouch

Founder/Director, California Men's Centers

President, National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Robert Pederson Meets Mitt Romney in a Menbiz shirt

Sunday, January 21, 2007 an e-mail arrived about an article in The article included several pictures, like the one on the right, of activist Robert Pederson talking with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney at a rally in Battlecreek, Michigan. Apparently Pederson's "Kids Still Need Both Parents" sweat shirt caught Governor Romney's eye, and while there he spoke about related issues at least twice.

In a sense, this is a crowning achievement. Not just because Mr. Pederson was able to discuss parenting issues with a major presidential candidate; but, because the sweat shirt was designed by National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM) member, graphic artist, and the one and only Mr. Ray Blumhorst.

In December 2003
launched with a selection of men's, father's and families advocacy products. The creators envisioned a day when Mensbiz products would reach far and wide as an inexpensive and viable method of advocacy and education. The products have been ordered from over 40 states and several countries. All proceeds have thus far been plowed back into by way of product giveaways.

So, Pederson's meeting with Romney is a crowning achievement for too! One of the products caught the eye of a Presidential candidate who took time to inquire of the wearer about the slogan on the shirt; all for twenty-bucks and five minutes to order one up. It may have taken four years from the opening of, but there can be no better way to prove the point that advocacy earns positive results many ways, including being in the right place at the right time while wearing the right shirt.

It's the simple things that amaze me, as well as the inability of some people to understand how powerful simple things can be...

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Another warm southern California morning brought great weather for the San Diego Martin Luther King Day Parade. Is there a more appropriate parade considering all the disenfranchised parents fighting for the freedom to be with their children? The destruction of intact families would have made Dr. King weep in agony were he alive today. And, black families are the hardest hit, though he would have cried for all of us.

The Children’s Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents Equally (CRISPE) bus and crew from the California Men’s Center San Diego (CMCSD), National Coalition of Free Men (Los Angeles and San Diego Chapters), and Coalition of Parent Support (COPS) were decked out in bright purple CRISPE shirts, including several sons and daughters of the CRISPE crew.

Famous equal rights sign maker Ray Blumhorst brought some of his art work. NCFMSD member and soon to be County Supervisor John Van Door and I bundled brochures about CRISPE, NCFMSD/LA, PaternityFraudDNA, CMCSD, abused men, parental alienation, and inserted a wallet card with 16 reasons children are better off with their fathers in their lives.

Before the parade started I took 20 bottles of water and a bundles of the brochures to where San Diego Police and Boarder Patrol Officers congregated. They looked parched. The bottles of water and brochures went fast. In the meantime John V. was on the bus making more brochure packets for use in the parade.

Others were blowing up balloons, preparing our large CRISPE banner to led the bus, making sure large purple flags were ready, and serving as models for Ray B. and his camera clicking.

The kids played, ran around, scarffed down goodies ( I had two doughnuts…err, Ok, three), and generally had a good time being with their parents, including CRISPE 1.5, Larry’s son. Flo and husband Charley brought sweets and fresh fruit which were delicious. Kevin Young, NCFM Secretary/Board Member NCFM-SD, brought the doughnuts. Jay Bowden, COPS, brought his two daughters, Dawn (Larry’s good friend) brought her son, Ed G. came with daughter and daughter. CRISPE-1.5’s Godfather was there with children and friends (just in case you are curious: Larry is CRISPE-1, I’m privileged to be CRISPE-2, Craig C. is CRISPE-3, Todd Hodgen (web master par excellance) CRISPE-4, and Rich A., our PR guy, CRISPE 5).

We were in the second flight of those in the parade. By the time we were leaving the staging area the front of the parade was already returning! We got the green light and followed a really good high school marching band; so, we had great music the whole way.

Kevin Y. and John V. stretched out the large purple CRISPE banner and lead our entourage. CRISPE crew sons and daughters, Flo, CRISPE-1.5’s Godfather and children, Ed G. and his son and daughter, marched and traded off carrying Ray B’s signs. Purple balloons fastened to the front, a passel of kids waiving out back windows, Charley firmly planted in the co-pilot’s chair, bad knees and all, and Larry, CRISPE-1, maneuvered the 42’ long CRISPE bus (“coach”, actually) as the event wrapped it’s way around Petco Park (home of the Padres – a baseball team for those of you that don’t follow the “great American pastime”). Not bad, not bad at all, really. Ray B. sporting two cameras scurried from one side of the streets to another taking pictures as our menagerie turned and twisted through East Village with the parade.

Me, well, I had my apron on. Not to wash dishes or cook, which I love doing – maybe not the dishes – but I had my apron on filled with those packets of brochures John V. and I put together. I also had a bunch of CRISPE business cards and a couple hundred of the green wallet cards with the 16 reasons children need fathers in their lives. I was the hawker.

Like Ray and his picture taking I went from street side to street side like I used to peddle The Anchorage Daily Times (as in Alaska) when I was 8,9, and 10-years-old. GET YOUR ANCHORAGE DAILY TIMES…HOT OFF THE PRESS…ONLY A DIME FOR THE ANCHORAGE DAILY TIMES…ALASKA IS THE 49TH STATE…ONLY A DIME… err, sorry I didn’t mean to date myself or get distracted. More aptly, BROCHURES, CRIPSPE BROCHURES…LEARN ABOUT THE BIG PURPLE BUS…ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND ON THE PLANET…BROCHURES…JUST FINISHED OUR FIRST NATIONAL TOUR…thank you…BROUCHURES, BUSINESS CARDS. LEARN ABOUT THE BIG PURPLE BUS…Hi, thank you very much…yes the phone numbers on the brochure…BROCHURES, BROCHURES, LEARN ABOUT THE BIG PURPLE BUS…

Well Sir, I was having so much fun Flo got jealous, took some business cards, green wallet cards, and packets of brochures and started working the crowd too. Heck, near the end of the parade Ray B. even got in the act, though it slowed don’t the click, click, click of his cameras. Dang if we didn’t pass out literally hundreds of brochures, business cards, and fatherlessness green wallet cards. And, not one snicker, dirty look, middle finger, sour twisted face, nary a bad word from the gawkers. People smiled, gave us the thumbs up, waived (probably because I so good looking), cheered us on, and a group of Army guys almost lunged at me to get our information. Yup, not bad. Not bad at all. Really.

We had a blast! Warm weather, fattening high cholesterol snacks, fresh fruit, coffee (passable, Larry makes it), good friends, parents with their children, and rousing music as the band(s) played on.

Ray B. will have pictures ready for the Internet soon. Some of those and others will be available within a few hours or days too at So you might want to check the CRISPE site soon just to see how much fun we had; and, to see the CRISPE crew play on. We made a difference. You can too. If you’ve not donated to CRISPE please do; and, if possible or already have, please do so as regularly as possible. The bus is expensive to operate. None of us get paid. Larry just keeps spending his life savings to help others save their lives. How much is that worth? It’s incalculable. CRISPE needs your help and your donation is tax deductable. So, join the CRISPE parade. The “donate” button is on our home page at, as in keep parents and children together.

(posted at if you would like to comment)

Take Care,

Harry Crouch
Founder/Director, California Men's Centers

President, National Coalition of Free Men San Diego (NCFM-SD)

932 C Street, Suite B

San Diego, CA 92101


California Men's Center San Diego
Mensbiz Shops (great advocacy products)
PaternityFraudDNA - find out who Dad really is, contact us for a DNA test
Children's Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents Equally


Saturday, January 12, 2008

RE: “One benefit event to avoid” by Greg Scharf – The Californian, January 10, 2007

Valentine Day approaches and Eve Ensler’s at it again, right between San Diego and LA in Temecula, California. Ms. Jane Fonda may be there too. Yup, there's an upcoming benefit production of the Vagina Monologues. You know the play that raises money for domestic violence shelters while promoting lesbian rape of young girls, male bashing, and other wholesome virtues every young American should learn. Hmm.. Maybe we should picket.

As I type I’m looking at a copy of the Vagina Monologues I got at a used book store last week for six bucks. Greg Scharf says in “One Benefit to Avoid” that, “It's very trendy. The printed version of the play is in its 15th printing, and indeed while there are some valuable topics ---- such as the rape camps in Bosnia and the horrors of female circumcision ---- the play turns pornographic, bordering on criminal. "The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could" celebrates the lesbian rape of a 13-year-old girl by a 24-year-old neighbor who plies her with vodka to seduce her. In prior performances, I understand, the closing line was "if it was a rape, it was a good rape." I’m still searching for a first edition to see how things have changed over the years; my used one is the 15th edition.

No matter, Ensler well describes a basis for her brand of misogynistic activism in the monologue “My Angry Vagina – My vagina’s angry. It is. It’s pissed off. My vagina’s furious and it needs to talk. It needs to talk about all this shit. It needs to talk to you. I mean, what’s the deal. An army of people out there thinking up ways to torture my poor-ass, gentle, loving vagina… Spending their days constructing psycho products and nasty ideas to undermine my pussy…”

And I thought Freud needed more meds. In a surrealistic piece of fiction I wrote several years back came:

“At least you’re not as bad off as Freud, although he didn’t have a clue either. Billed himself as some sort of liberator from religious and pathological terror. In reality, he was simply a prisoner of his refusal to accept the myriad facets of his prolific existence, sexual and otherwise. Freud was a seasoned time traveler and should have known better. A part of him was Marquis de Sade’s favorite-leathered pincushion and whipping boy. More troublesome was his life as the obscure eunuch who escorted Babylon’s Chaldean army from the siege and destruction of Jerusalem. Which somewhat explains why Freud never completely disconnected from the Jews, although he openly denied everything supernatural, or God like. Then, there were two lesser trips as an Ivory Coast slave trader, and one as a tightly curled Basque sheepherder just north of medieval Toledo, as in Spain. Freud was bled, beaten and belittled pretty badly, particularly by women and a couple of rams he confused for ewes. So, he had a sizable load on when dumped into 1853 Moravia. A load he later refused to deal with while seeking reasons for that which he never was, or would allow himself to be or become. In that round the bend, his anger popularized denial for Christ’s sake. Understand?”

The Vaginal Monologues are like that. Convoluted and confused. In Ensler’s round the bend, her anger popularized societies denial of vaginas. It’s hard to know what she did in past lives, but as a drop-out legal eagle turned dominatrix perhaps she met up with Freud somewhere in Spain or took notes for the Marquis de Sade. She certainly had a sizable load on when conjuring the Vagina Monologues, though it seams she just dumped it all on the rest of us rather than carry all that baggage by herself. Understand?

One of the problems most men have is the constant quest to return from whence they came, to a vagina. It seems Ensler’s quest is the same, she’s just wide open about it. Who knows about Jane Fonda? Maybe she found her vagina in Viet Nam; or, was that where she should have lost her American passport? Both questions are too hairy for me. While Freud may have fancied sheep in a past life, Ensler seems to have an affinity for the Ever-Ready Bunny. Neither Ensler or Fonda have a clue, batteries not included. Regardless, I wish Ensler would take her meds and shut her talking vagina.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pay Gap Flap and Cookies

Explaining about why men were charged more than women at a recent SDSU bake sale, "It's just to raise awareness," NOW @ SDSU Co-President Amanda Whitehead reportedly said, "A lot of people don't realize that white women make 75 percent of every dollar a white man makes or Hispanic women make 50 percent. It's pretty ridiculous".

In April the San Diego Union Tribune ran “Marking Equal Pay Day in the U.S.”, by Myrra Lee, past President of the La Mesa/El Cajon American Association of University Women (AAUW), who noted “Thirty-seven years from now, in 2044, will be the year in which California women will receive approximately the same wages that men will achieve by working one year – from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.”

First, any information from flibbertigibbet NOW and AAUW is suspect. In 1991, the AAUW announced: “Most [girls] emerge from adolescence with a poor self-image.” The AAUW ballyhooed that into girls were horrendously disadvantaged in our school systems, a devastating myth destroyed by Professor Christina Hoff Sommers in her book “The War Against Boys.” The AAUW ushered in “Take Your Daughter to School Day”, which after public outcry changed to Take Your Daughter/Son to School Day so boys could participate. Worse, the AAUW Advocacy Fund has been instrumental in the Title IX debacle, which morphed from a laudable expansion of women’s school sports to the arguably decimation of free speech on college campuses, all under the guise of gender discrimination.

As Lee correctly implies women do have more options to leave and re enter the workforce; but, women, by choice, typically don’t take long hours, dangerous, high paying jobs; like, commercial fishing, truck driving in Iraq, ironworking, diesel mechanics, or window cleaning 80 stories up. Women typically seek "soft jobs".

When discussing college educated women and wage disparity at least Lee focuses on the few fields where a disparity exists, albeit for legitimate reasons having nothing to do with gender discrimination, but fails to highlight the numerous fields in which women’s remuneration outstrips that of men, particularly in Engineering fields where NOW, the AAWU, and other myopic radical feminist organizations typically maintain the pay gap is the greatest.

Whitehead on the other hand offers no such distinction. Instead she proferred stereotypical, incomplete, and misdirectional assertions which do little but perpetuate anti-man and racist (white only) ideology. Any white male student might be disciplined or perhaps expelled for even whispering similar generalizations about black or hispanic women, even if factual.

Business Week’s article earlier this month, “Surprise! Women on the Board Earn More,” takes the debate to a new level by reporting “The Corporate Library, a corporate governance and executive compensation research group, reports the median earnings for female corporate directors is $120,000. That's about $15,000 higher than the median total compensation for male directors, which is $104,375…the study, which looked at the pay of more than 25,000 directors at more than 3,200 companies”.

In August 2007, in Women Earn More in U.S. Big Cities than Men, Reuters reported that, “The research, completed by the Department of Sociology at Queens College in New York, showed full-time female employees in their 20s surpassing same-age males in cities like Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Dallas and New York…In Dallas, these women earn 20 percent more than men, while in New York City they earn 17 percent more”.

Last year in “Why Men Earn More”, Dr. Warren Farrell clearly established that women college graduates starting salaries in many professional fields is higher than men, like Petroleum engineering (108%), Computer programming (117%), Agricultural engineering (110%), careers in humanities (130%), Chemistry (103%)… Farrell lists another 39 major fields where women’s median pay is more than men, like Sales engineers (143%), Engineering managers (108%), Financial analysts (118%), Legislators (133%), transportation workers (130%)…

Refusing to believe NOW @ SDSU’s spurious pandering, finance and statistics senior Adam Hyman passed out free doughnuts to men at the bake sale, “(I did this) to prove a point that if a woman were really getting paid 75 percent of what a man is, they could just quit their job and go work for somebody else… If this discrimination was real, then a company that only hires women would be better at business”. Or, as Warren Farrell has said, “If women make 75% (or, 50%) of what men make why would anyone hire a man?”

Bernice Kanner’s 2004 book Pocketbook Power, reports that women spend $6 trillion a year; or, 600 times the value of the gold in Fort Knox. Women make 88 percent of the retail purchases in America. Among other things, women buy 53 percent of all stocks, 51% of all sports equipment, 85% of all toilet tissue, and 88% of all health insurance... and, control two-thirds of the wealth in America.

One might wonder where women get all the money they spend, particularly if they earn so much less than do men. Then again, there’s alimony, child support, and inheritance, but that’s another discussion…oh, and also, according to Kanner, primary ways women achieve wealth.

If all that were not enough it appears Whitehead and her discriminatory cookie pricing violated California's Unruh Act which forbids discrimination based on gender. Each violation, that is, each time NOW @ SDSU sold a cookie, could be worth up to $4,000 to the man who had the sweet tooth. If NOW @ SDSU sold 100 cookies to men then NOW @ SDSU and its parent organization might be liable for $400,000. Though for sure the deep pocket National Organization of Women would most likely pay the fines.

"It's just to raise awareness," said Whitehead, since a lot of people don’t realize how underpaid are women compared to white men, which she felt was “pretty ridiculous”.

Most people don’t realize the truth either because of questionable crusaders like Whitehead, Myra Lee, and organizations like NOW and the AAUW, a sophistic and destructive complotment far beyond ridiculous.

The fact is that American women are the most catered to, well educated, protected, and wealthy women in the world. Maybe by 2044, thirty-seven years from now, awareness will rise sufficiently so men can be free too.

Take Care,

Harry Crouch

Monday, November 5, 2007

Starucks and Casey Gwinn

I headed to the new Starbucks two blocks from our Men's Center wondering what I should write for my first Blog entry. In contention were the importance of the presumption of innocence versus a presumption of guilt, or how victim compensation programs go unnoticed as a primary culprit in the domestic violence industry debacle, and perhaps even something about why women organizations are shedding "women" from their names in favor of gender neutrality.

This Starbucks commands the busiest retail corner of a new high-rise split in two to accommodate a trolley stop. I wanted a turkey bacon and egg dry bread sandwich. Getting in line I heard, "Hi Harry." It was Casey Gwinn, retired San Diego City Attorney, new director of the San Diego YWCA, point man for President Bush's 16 city Family Violence Programs, and still the leading male in the now international domestic violence industry.

We talked about how nice it was to have a Starbucks close to our offices; the recent horrendous Santa Anna fueled fires in the county, and sandwiches. I recommended the turkey bacon and egg on dry bread. He ordered two, bought mine, and had a bold coffee. As we left he accepted my offer to show him our Men's Center.

We crossed "C" Street, crossed 11th, chatted past the YWCA, crossed 10th into the parking lot of our building, and maneuvered the stairwell leading to our Men's Center offices. I showed him the conference room; break room, and our suite of three offices. He had a few minutes before his next meeting. As he lowered into the offered chair in my office his eyes began taking things in. He was two feet from my Mensbiz framed print showing a woman in handcuffs being led away by police with the caption "Prosecute False Accusers". Six feet in front of him propped up on my computer is a 30"x36" red, white, and blue poster "Choice for Men is no Choice!" He scanned the two hundred or so books I have in my office, things like Farrell's Father and Child Reunion, Shelly Klein's The Most Evil Women in History, Susan Faludi's infamous Backlash, Braver's Divorced Dads, Horwitz's The Professors, Behavioral Neurology by Pincus...

Casey explained that he had just returned from an opening of another Family Justice Center in Louisiana. He was also a guest speaker at a Domestic Violence shindig of some sort in Florida and talked about abused men and women. Casey is involved with a faith based community prisoner re entry program. I explained our prison "tolling" project and the importance of suspending child support payments for incarcerated non-custodial parents. We discussed retraining orders and Supervising Family Court Judge Oberholtzer's recent move to close Domestic Violence Court in favor of integrating DV responsibilities back into regular Family Court, which we both agree made sense administratively. Years ago I designed, implemented, and supervised statewide pretrial services for the Alaska Court System that in part involved screening felons for release on their own recognizance as bail. Strong community ties dramatically increased the probability that release on one's own recognizance would be successful. I suggested that the same may apply in restraining order situations, since to my knowledge, there no program has even tested the idea. Casey seemed intrigued but favored the quick issuance of restraining orders without a court hearing. We also, discussed at some length why abused men have a harder time coming forward than abused women.

We talked for about 30 minutes about such things before Casey had to get to his 10:00 o'clock meeting. On the way out I pointed out the Mashproject's posters. I explained that one of the reasons why men have a hard time coming forward is because of the lack of male friendly literature and outreach materials. I suggested that we touch bases again in a month or so and talk about the YWCA or President Bush's Family Violence Center initiative buying the set of four Mashproject posters for each of the 16 Family Violence Centers around the nation.

Actually, a group is planning the 17th Family Violence Center in East Count San Diego. I received an earlier invitation to a planning session. If I can find it I should attend. What a pain.

God working in mysterious ways brings opportunities in the strangest forms.